7 Best Google Search Tips and Tricks

Well, there are lots of techniques that we can use and make our search result more accurate in Google. Lots of people search in google and sometimes didn’t get what they are looking for. Yes, google is smart enough to make sure that you get what you want but sometimes the search results aren’t what you are looking for, so using following techniques will help in finding your desire thing.

  1. Unimportant Search Results

If you are looking for an SEO training video but you don’t the result of youtube then simply type SEOtraining video –youtube



  1. Exact Word Search

If you want the results to be exact words you type then use quotation marks and you will get the exact search results with your words type within quotation marks.


  1. Find Similar Websites

If you are looking for a similar site then you will need to type and you will get all the list of websites which are similar in niche and similar in working.


  1. Search word in Title

If you are looking for an article or website and you just remember some word then you can find it from title and you can search in the title like intitle:surgery fail.


  1. Search Within website

If you want something within website them simple type site name with your query in google.


  1. Web Page Cache Look

If you want To search what a page looked like the last time Google crawled the site then simply type in google

  1. Check Weather

If you want to check specific region weather simple type “weather” then region zipcode or city name.