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How to get keywords Data From Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Keywords Data

Well, Google is making so many changes in their apps, databases to make data more secure. Google first offers keywords tracking in analytics, which helps webmasters to know which keyword query is triggering your website and which query is converting for the eCommerce site. This data is very handy for all Ecommerce and bloggers.

But nowadays Google has removed this function, so webmasters are worried about keywords data which triggering their website in Google. Google is not giving this service free and they introduced paid version of Google analytics, which will give you all hidden data, that webmasters wants to know or wants to get statistics or keywords reports, which keyword is converting or which isn’t. But in free version google is not giving you access to this data.

How To Get Keywords?

Now the big question is that how you can get keywords data from analytics in the free version? The answer is yes you can get it but you can’t unlock (not provided) keywords data.

Steps To follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Acquisition
  3. Firefox_Screenshot_2017-01-17T08-59-43.271Z Click on All traffic
  4. google analytics Now Move to Source medium
  5. Firefox_Screenshot_2017-01-17T09-00-18.631Z Now you will see under graph there will be a primary dimension. Select Source
  6. Firefox_Screenshot_2017-01-17T09-01-16.925Z Then you will get the list of sources from which your website is getting traffic. Click on Google
  7. Now From Primary Dimension click on other and type keyword and select keyword
  8. Firefox_Screenshot_2017-01-17T09-03-34.049ZNow Go to advance near search box and exclude id


Firefox_Screenshot_2017-01-17T09-05-03.110Z       9.  Here you go you will get Keywords other than (not provided)


You can also select keywords match type simply go to secondary dimension and select keywords match type and you will come to know is this keyword is exact, broad or phrase.

keyword match type

This data will be handy for all webmaster. Thanks hope this will help you and will help in making your business progressive.

Any feedback or suggestion will be strongly welcome.